Haute Beauté is derived from the French words Haute Beauté, which expresses the idea of customized beauty. Dr. Carl K.L. Cheng emphasizes that beauty is unique and shouldn’t be a production of indistinguishable beauty. This concept of customized beauty was envisioned by Dr. Carl’s wife, a fashion designer who studied in France. During her time in Paris, she witnessed this attention to customization, where clothes are often tailor made from specific requests by clients. Giving you a personalized treatment, tailored to your needs and requests, captures the essence of our clinic, Haute Beauté. Haute Beauté Skin Clinic is situated in the fashionable Xin Yi District in Taipei. Much like 5th Avenue in New York, this area is abundant in high-end fashion stores, dramatic architecture and towering skyscrapers. Haute Beauté Skin Clinic attracts many celebrities and popular public figures, who trust the expertise of our dermatologists and enjoy the high level of customization that we provide. With little-to-no down-time and short procedure times, the majority of our treatments can easily fit into a busy schedule. No matter which procedure you chose, we will be attentive to your every need and provide you a customized beauty treatment. At Haute Beauté, we want our customers to realize their natural, individual beauty and shine with confidence.

Traffic Information

MRT Bannan Line (Blue Line)

【Taipei City Hall Station】
Exit 1, walk 1 min.

BUS 【Taipei City Hall Bus Station】
212、270、600、Renai Line、Blue 10